About Rogantini


How it started?

The Rogantini Group of Companies was founded in 1967 in Switzerland by a native Italian Michele Rogantini. After decades the company has been successfully developing under the leadership of his grandson Alessandro Rogantini. All these years we have not only provided services in various fields of activity in the markets of Switzerland and Europe, but also created these markets, developing with our customers and partners.


Rogantini in Georgia

Everyone is aware of Georgian hospitality and Swiss perfectionism. Taking these two qualities as a basis, as well as knowledge and experience in accordance with EU standards, we opened a representative office in Georgia. The global goal of the company is to improve the service market of this beautiful country to the Swiss level.


Rogantini for you

Partners and clients of our company are people with exquisite taste, who appreciate quality service.

We know how to live up to your high expectations.

Perfection, which does not compromise